How long do the sessions last?

Typically an initial assessment lasts for an hour where we conduct a full assessment, discuss our findings with you and talk about possible treatment options alongside your personal goals. Subsequent treatment sessions can then be arranged as 30-minute, 45-minute or 1-hour appointments, depending upon the treatment needs and your requirements. These sessions are charged accordingly. A course of treatment will vary in length between individuals and will be discussed at intervals with you as your progress is reviewed. We can provide intensive physiotherapy where you are seen on a regular basis for a specific period, intermittent treatment on a more sporadic basis (for example once a month or once every 2-3 months), or as and when you feel you require physiotherapy. We can schedule in review discussions with you to take place over the telephone to check on your progress and plan any required sessions around this (this is non-chargeable, just part of the service).

If you have been referred to us through your Insurance Company, Solicitor or Case Manager, you may have a particular number of physiotherapy sessions pre-authorised by them, and they may require that you attend for physiotherapy at specific intervals.

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